...which creates and sustains our communities. We know who we are and can share dreams for a common future when our roots in the past are strong."
- Jill Ker Conway, author, historian, and Boston Museum board member.

Sunday, January 24, 2010


We are just four days away from the launch of East Boston's first-ever historical society. Today we proceeded with Part One of the exhibit installation at the Cultural Exchange Center at 80 Border Street in Eastie. Tomorrow the student board of directors arrives to finish the job. What a lot of work...but what a perfect setting for a celebration of this community's rich history, in a former shipbuilding facility overlooking the piers where clipper ships were once built. Today we got help with the installation from Polly Carpenter of the Learning By Design team (right.) Back at the Umana students like Brionna and Briana (same class, no relation) are putting the final touches on 3D maps and "identity boxes" that reflect their own cultural history.

See you on January 28th at 4 PM...

Thursday, January 21, 2010


8th grader Udoka Ibeh has created a gorgeous logo for the East Boston Historical Society, featuring an outline of one of East Boston's five islands - Noddle Island. His design was chosen by the board of directors at the East Boston Cultural Exchange Center where the exhibit will be held next week. His class won a free field trip to "Tomb," an "interactive adventure experience"near Fenway Park with an Egyptian tomb theme (it's sort of like stepping into a Raiders of the Lost Ark movie!) Our thanks to 5 WITS, creators of Tomb, for donating the trip.