...which creates and sustains our communities. We know who we are and can share dreams for a common future when our roots in the past are strong."
- Jill Ker Conway, author, historian, and Boston Museum board member.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Thursday, January 28, East Boston Cultural Exchange Center....
Eastie community residents, students, teachers, and Boston Museum supporters pack the exhibit room where the East Boston Historical Society's first student-led exhibit was opened to the public! Guests included Boston City Councilor Sal LaMattina, Boston School Supt. Carol Johnson, and many more. Students exhibited their 3D maps, designs for an immigration memorial, architectural studies, clipper ship models and
an iPhone app based on the Battle of Chelsea Creek. The community controbuted many artifacts on life in East Boston. Thanks to Fran Rowan, program director at the 80 Border Street Cultural Exchange Center for her faith in this endeavor, and to all our program partners and helpers including the Piers Park Sailing Center, Norman B. Levanthal Map Center at the BPL, Learning by Design, City archaeologist Ellen Berkland, iPhone app project manager Joason Petralia, and many more. Kudos to teacher Julia Brasser who led our teaching team! We hope to be back in the spring with another event or exhibit created in cooperation with community volunteers who want to keep the new East Boston Historical Society alive. FINALLY, A VERY SPECIAL THANKS TO OUR AWESOME STUDENTS!